Halloween is just around the corner. Time to carve those pumpkins, shop for costumes and break out the face paint. We love #spookyseason and we want to help you make the most of it, family style. Halloween is unlike other holidays in that it’s not known for traditional foods – outside of copious candy consumption, of course. At Prepdeck, we seek to make cooking joyful and memorable, and we believe that cooking together is important for family memory making. Why shouldn’t we create food traditions around Halloween? The colors are vibrant and the recipes are fun – what better opportunity to foster a love of cooking with your children?  Start a new tradition this year and get your kids into the kitchen to make some colorful and creative spooky recipes. We’ve compiled some of our favorite recipes from around the internet to get you started!

Lady Fingers

Recipe by Martha Stewart With a little bit of food coloring and a hint of imagination, these almond cookies bear a spooky resemblance to real fingers! Add a bit of green food coloring to the batter and you’ve got witch fingers. Ask the kids what other colors you can mix to come up with other spooky finger cookies.  Get the Recipe


Mummy Hot Dogs

Photo and recipe by The Spruce Eats Kid-friendly weekday lunch with a halloween twist! This recipe is so simple and easy, it’s a perfect starter recipe for little ones. Just wrap hot dogs in crescent dough, stretched and thinned to resemble mummy dressing, pop them in the oven and enjoy.  Get the Recipe


Frankenstein Toast

Photo and recipe by Fork and Beans This quick (and healthy) breakfast is just as fun to assemble as it is to eat. Start with a simple avocado toast and let the kids get creative with toppings to create their own version of frankenstein face. Prepdeck is perfect for organizing toppings to help spur a little food creativity.   Get the Recipe

Sweet Potato Halloween Bites

Recipe by The Rhubarbians This healthy and fun side-dish makes vegetables fun! Start by slicing and roasting sweet potatoes and use Halloween cookie cutters to transform your potatoes into haunted bites.  Get the Recipe


Apple Mouths

Photo and recipe by Mom Foodie A spooky twist on a healthy apples and peanut butter afternoon snack. Just slice up an apple, layer in the peanut butter, and get creative with “teeth” in between your apple lips. Marshmallows are the obvious teeth choice, but whole almonds or jumbo chocolate chips or a strawberry tongue are fun variations to try!  Get the Recipe

These simple recipes are sure to become holiday favorites - what a great way to make lasting family food memories for years to come! And when it’s time to pull together recipes that require a little more planning and effort, get Prepdeck to streamline the entire process from meal planning to ingredient prep to mise en place cooking. Prepdeck includes everything needed to execute recipes with precision – it’s self-contained unit is perfect for getting the kids involved in meal prep without leaving a messy kitchen behind!

Happy Cooking, and Happy Halloween!