One of the hardest parts of preparing a bigger meal is making sure the food is ready at the right time and all dishes reach completion within the same time frame. Sometimes, you can get so behind pulling everything together that family members reach for snacks before you get done. Sometimes, you have side dishes getting cold before your main course makes it out of the oven.

Modern conveniences and tools like Souper Cubes make it easy and time manageable to prepare and store ingredients, sauces, soups, and more for future recipes. Simply fill up the cubes, pop them in the fridge or freezer, and you have one step out of the way when you get started in the kitchen. Here is a quick look at some additional tips that help with time management in the kitchen so your dishes are warm and ready and on time.

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1. Plan meals and grocery trips in advance


When it comes to the streamlined cooking process, pre-planning meals makes all the difference. You will know what you are cooking, will have the ingredients you need lined up and ready to go, and you won't waste time making decisions. So, plan meals in advance, make grocery lists, and discover just how much time can be saved when you step into the kitchen to cook.

2. Do some meal prep after a grocery trip 

When you get home from a grocery haul, take a few minutes to prepare some of your ingredients as you put them away. For example, if you will need sliced carrots for a roast later in the week, go ahead and slice them before putting them away.

You can also go ahead and cook meats in advance and freeze them. Meat is often one of the most time-consuming aspects of a meal. So, pre-cooking makes it much easier to make sure a meal with several dishes gets done at about the same time. 

3. Start with a decluttered kitchen 

Clutter can be the demise of any efficiently planned cooking process. From lacking countertop space to too many utensils making it difficult to find what you need, this kind of clutter can really get in the way of finishing a recipe in a timely fashion once you get started.

If your kitchen is a little more cluttered than it should be, make an effort to create at least one good workspace where things won't be in your way while cooking. If you have a tiny kitchen without enough storage space, sometimes, less can be more. For example, you may consider whittling down your collection of spatulas or sauté pans to make it easier to find what you need when you need it.

4. Organize your workstation for success 

One thing you will see chefs do when they get ready to pull together a dish is to get out everything they need, including the prepared and measured ingredients. This is a concept referred to as "mise en place" or everything in its place.

If you have a Prepdeck, which includes several storage compartments, a cutting board, and a collection of food-prep tools, organizing your workstation for success is easy. However, even if you don't have a Prepdeck, simply getting out everything you need before you start cooking will help things flow smoothly.  

5. Master the art of routines while cooking 

Routines can come along with skill, but routines also build skill and help save time. Whether you are making your favorite recipe, pulling together your preferred marinara sauce, or simply chopping vegetables, establish a routine that works best for you. If you do things in a uniform process every time you cook, eventually, the next steps are second nature. You won't have to stop and think about what needs to happen next.

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Good Time Management Skills Can Be the Key to Culinary Success

Some of the most well-known chefs make it look simple to pull off impressive meals in just a few minutes. While good cooking is somewhat associated with talent, it also has a lot to do with learned skills alongside certain tools and practices built to optimize your cooking experience!

With Prepdeck you can say goodbye to a disorganized, messy, stressful cooking process. Prepdeck brings chef-approved mise en place techniques to the home cook so you can prep ahead, stay organized and enjoy a stress-free cooking environment.

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