The Founder's Story

The Founder's Story
I created Prepdeck because I love to try new recipes, cook and enjoy meals with my family. I'm a father of two and the main cook in my household. When I started to spend more time in the kitchen, I realized that while I love to cook and try new recipes, there are a lot of stressful parts of getting a meal on the table: the planning, the prep, the cleanup, the running around to find tools and measure out ingredients while other ingredients burn on the stove-top, just to name a few. I created to Prepdeck bring my stress-levels down in the kitchen by facilitating mise en place  cooking techniques.

Alexander, Prepdeck founder, using Prepdeck in his home kitchen

Prepdeck eliminates the stressful parts of the cooking process to help home chefs get better recipe outcomes and enjoy their time in the kitchen. It's a compact prep station that includes 45+ features to help you stay organized, while practicing chef-tested mise en place techniques at home. With Prepdeck, it's easy to be prepared for any recipe: from chopping the first vegetable to enjoying a meal with friends and family.
Cooking with Prepdeck has brought peace and calm to my cooking experience. I believe that cooking can and should be an enjoyable, creative outlet. I created Prepdeck to make sure that cooking is fun, and every recipe is a success. I hope Prepdeck brings the same sense of calm to your kitchen.

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