14 Piece Container Set

With this loaded container set, you’ll be ready to dial up your Prepdeck experience to Master Chef! Whether you need extra space for leftovers, storing ingredients, or simply have a larger recipe on your hands, this loaded 14 piece container set has you covered!

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Maximize Your Space

With this complete set of high quality, versatile and durable containers and lids, you'll never again run out of prepping space or storage again!

Featuring nine containers in four versatile sizes, and a set of five water-tight lids, each container includes convenient measurement markings in ounces cups and milliliters so you can ditch the measuring cups, spoons, and jugs in one swoop!

Store Anything, Anytime

Thanks to their ultra streamlined designed and stackable lid system, you'll not only save time, space and stress when prepping meals, but keep your fridge tidy and organized when storing leftovers or pre-prepared meals.

Quality and Details

Our Containers are made from high-quality Tritan, a resilient and durable material with clear glass-like properties! Tritan is a BPA-free, antibacterial material that lasts longer and performs better than cheaper alternatives.

Among other benefits, our containers are dishwasher safe, freezer safe, microwavable, odor resistant and won't scratch, stain or fade easily over time!

The Prepdeck Promise

We're dedicated to our craft, and to you.

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