Prepdeck Plus Upgrade Kit

4.9 (754)

Prepdeck Plus Upgrade Kit

4.9 (754)

The Prepdeck Plus Upgrade Kit is the perfect complement to any Prepdeck!  The fully-loaded upgrade includes additional accessories that take your Prepdeck to the next level. 

Prepdeck+ Upgrade Includes

2x Additional Large Containers with Lids
1x Additional Cutting Board
1x XL Container Set
1x Mobile Device Stand
1x 360 Measuring Spoon

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Prepdeck+ Bonuses

$150+ Additional Value!

Tablet / Phone Stand to Follow Recipes Easily
360 Adjustable Measuring Spoon
Extra Cutting Board in Your Preferred Style
One XL & Two Large Containers
Absolute Money-Back Guarantee If you don’t love your Plus Upgrade, we’ll provide you with a full refund within 30 days of purchase, no questions asked.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Does a Prepdeck come with the Prepdeck+ Upgrade?

The Prepdeck Plus Upgrade Kit is an add on to the Prepdeck system. The Prepdeck unit itself will need to be purchased separately. You can also buy the Prepdeck without the upgrade, but you will not have access to the additional features within the Prepdeck PlusUpgrade.

What’s the difference between Prepdeck and Prepdeck Plus?

Prepdeck Plus includes a fully loaded Prepdeck plus a range of accessories that maximize your Prepdeck experience:

1x Mobile Device Stand 2x Large Containers w/ Lids 1x XL Container w/ Lid and Divider 1x Cutting Board 1x 360 Spoon

How does the cutting board work?

The cutting board is foldable, magnetically detachable and doubles as the enclosure for your Prepdeck unit. It’s made of commercial kitchen quality antibacterial materials and will score when using a sharp knife...which protects the sharpness of your knives! The magnetic enclosure makes it easy to detach and clean or swap out. This helps prevent cross contamination when switching between cutting meat, seafood and veggies. We recommend washing the cutting board by hand.

Can I choose which accessories are included in Prepdeck?

You can choose from a range of cutting board options and additional accessories, but the core Prepdeck system cannot be customized. Prepdeck+ includes a range of additional accessories and add-ons for exceptional value, so be sure to check those out! Additionally, you can shop our range of accessories to add to your existing Prepdeck at any time.

Can Prepdeck save me time in the kitchen?

Prepdeck saves you time by optimizing and organizing your process to make you more efficient in the kitchen. Prepdeck provides the tools and framework for “mise en place,” prepping ingredients ahead of time to keep you organized while you cook, so your process is less frazzled, and more like what you see on your favorite cooking shows. It also helps you organize and plan meals ahead, say on a Sunday afternoon, so during your busy work week you can get straight to the cooking without devoting time to prep and cleanup.

Can Prepdeck make me a better cook?

Prepdeck teaches mise en place best practices, which leads to better recipe outcomes and a more enjoyable experience in the kitchen, making you a better, more confident cook! Prepdeck’s workspace features containers, storage and tools to help you prep before you start cooking, and stay organized while you cook. No more frantically searching for or prepping the next ingredient while another burns on the stove top. With Prepdeck, all ingredients are in their place (mise en place) and ready for use so you can focus on your recipe without stress or distraction.

What is your return policy?

Our mission is to Bring Back the Joy of Cooking, so it’s our hope that you are entirely satisfied with your purchase! If for any reason you are not satisfied, we accept returns for purchases made at within 30 days of receipt. Paid shipping, upgraded shipping or shipping insurance is non-refundable. Returns incur a shipping fee. For full details of our return policy, please click here. At this time we do not accept returns for international orders.

Do you ship internationally?

Now shipping to Canada!

Please note international orders are subject to local duties and taxes in addition to international shipping, all of which are calculated during checkout. All prices are shown in USD.

We are actively working on our international shipping program for other markets and expect to have an update available soon.

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