PrepdeckGO Travel Bag

4.9 (18)

PrepdeckGO Travel Bag

4.9 (18)

Beautifully crafted from canvas and high-quality PU-leather, this custom carry bag allows you to take Prepdeck no matter where you’re headed! Whether you’re headed to the park for a picnic, or quick-prepping for a beach cookout or packing up for a camping trip, Prepdeck enables meal prep on the go!

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Fully Prepared, No Matter Your Destination

From park picnics to manning the grill at a neighborhood cookout, the PrepdeckGo Travel Bag allows you to bring Prepdeck with you for quick meal prep, no matter where you are.

  • Super Durable

    Made from canvas and finished in PU-leather, our durable carry bag is fit for any setting.

  • Made to Fit, Room to Fill

    Custom designed with you in mind. The PrepdeckGo Travel Bag is lightly insulated and fits snugly to your Prepdeck with enough headspace to carry your picnic blanket and book...or other prepping on-the-go essentials.

  • Ready for any Adventure

    Prepdeck is made to move, and the Travel Bag lets you get where you’re going with ease. From camping trips to boating excursions to family vacation to leisurely days in the park, never miss a moment to eat well.


"Great quality! Durable and looks awesome!"

Arianna S.

"The bag should be in everyone’s shopping cart at checkout. Especially if you don’t keep your Prepdeck on the countertop all the time."

John G.


"The traveling bag makes it so easy to take my prepdeck to my private chef events! I recommend it!"

Camille B.

Dimensions & Details


Our Highest Quality Standards in Each and Every Detail

Made of highest quality sustainable materials with design in mind the PrepdeckGo Travel Bag prepares you to travel with Prepdeck at the drop of a hat.

  • Our canvas bag is detailed with PU-leather, a vegan leather alternative

  • Snug fit to your Prepdeck with head space to carry your extras

  • Lightly insulated to protect your ingredients

  • Stylish and durable, ready for any meal prep adventure.

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4.9 /5