15 Kitchen Organization Hacks to Make your Kitchen a Happier Place

15 Kitchen Organization Hacks to Make your Kitchen a Happier Place

If there’s one place in the home that seems to collect just about everything, it’s the kitchen. No matter how much cleaning, organizing, and minimizing you do, it seems to accumulate clutter anyway. To help you get a handle on the madness, here are 15 of the best kitchen organization hacks we could find.

If you're a type-A cook, or if your kitchen could use a little extra love, you'll want to bookmark this one for later!

1. Repurposed Magazine Holders

If you’ve got a cabinet full of water bottles falling all over the place, you know what we’re talking about here. You can use a magazine holder to store all those bottles on their side and contain them to one spot. You can also use them for cutting board storage, especially handy when you have several cutting boards for different things.

2. Maximize Your Spaces

Have some odd areas or cubby-holes in your kitchen that seem somewhat purposeless? You can install shelving in those places customized to fit and use the extra space for storing your pretties and most colorful kitchenware.

3. Use LEGOs for Stacking

LEGOs can be a great way to stack several cookie sheets if you’ve got a lot of baking planned. Holidays anyone? They are easy to store and safe for the dishwasher too, making them pretty darn handy in our book.

4. Use a Binder Clip for Your Sponges

There’s nothing as gross as a sponge that stinks because it’s full of germs and mildew. You can use an ordinary old binder clip to keep your sponge upright, so it will dry faster, avoiding all those nasties like mold and germs.

5. Use Baskets for Storage

If you’ve ever looked at your pantry cabinet and felt like your head might explode, you’re not alone. Try organizing things like snacks in attractive baskets that fit with your color scheme. Not only does it make your pantry look cleaner, but it also frees up more space for canned goods and larger items like cereal boxes. Simply place all those smaller, more awkwardly shaped goodies straight into the baskets.

6. Use a Key and Mail Catcher

It’s handy to have one place to catch your keys, especially since the kitchen counter often winds up being the go-to spot, with mail being the second thing that inevitably finds its way to your countertops. Hang a key and mail catcher somewhere convenient, and both of those problems virtually disappear.

7. Use Wine Corks for Knives

If you don’t have a knife block, wine corks are a great way to keep knives from moving around when you store them in a drawer and help protect unsuspecting fingers from accidental stabs and cuts. Just put them on the tips and you’re good to go.

8. Hang Mugs and Skillets

Both mugs and skillets can take up more space than necessary due to their shape. Try hanging them up from their handles on a shelf or the ceiling to increase space while still keeping them in reach.

9. Use Tiered Baskets

Another great way to organize smaller items like snacks is to use tiered baskets. Not only do they help keep your pantry and counters clutter-free, but you can also use them to keep kiddos on track. Put healthier snacks on the bottom and place snacks your kids have to ask for on the top.

10. Use a Shoe Organizer

When you’re really pressed for space, you can always hang a shoe organizer on your pantry door. Use it to store snacks, packets of seasonings, or even utensils and things you don’t use as often.

11. Use Clear Canisters

Bulky packaging makes it difficult to keep your shelves organized. Use clear canisters and your shelves will look neat and tidy. Plus, you’ll never have to guess when you’re running low on something.

12. Shelf “Bleachers”

Using bleachers in your cabinets make it much easier to find the things you are looking for. Bleachers are great organization hack for your spice cabinet and the cabinet you keep all the vinegar bottles, oils, and sauces. You can also use risers in your cabinets you store dishes, bakeware, and plastic containers in.

13. Use Wicker Baskets

Not only are wicker baskets pretty, but they’re useful too. Store your hand towels and dishrags in them and save some drawer space. Trying rolling your towels and rags to keep them looking extra neat.

14. Use a Flatware Organizer

Not only are these great for organizing silverware, but you can also use them to store all those long, skinny tools and items you collect. Things like straws, skewers, chopsticks and so much more can be organized in one of these.

15. Use a Cork Board

Cork boards are an excellent way to help keep your collection of measuring cups and spoons easily within reach. These items have a habit of getting lost in a cluttered drawer. Attach a cork board to the inside of your cabinet door instead, and hang them up!

We hope you enjoyed these conventional and some unconventional kitchen organization ideas. Clutter can be frustrating, which is why we created Prepdeck to help people organize their kitchens and get back to doing what they love: preparing delicious meals.