Bring Back The Joy of Cooking

Prepdeck by Dash was created to give home chefs everything they need to prep five-star meals the whole family will love. PrepDeck employs the culinary concept of mise en place—the act of gathering all ingredients together—to recreate the workspace of fine dining chefs in the world’s best restaurants.

Welcome, Home Chef! 

With the organizational tools of Prepdeck, we invite home chefs to take the next step in their culinary journey. By utilizing Prepdeck to stay organized and keep the kitchen tidy, home chefs can cook worry-free, fully embracing the joy of cooking for family and friends. Prepdeck is here to help you get dinner on deck quickly and cleanly, all while staying one prep ahead.

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Our Impact

Dash is proud to partner with No Kid Hungry, a national nonprofit campaign dedicated to ensuring that every child in America receives the nutrition they need to grow up strong and healthy. To date, we’ve donated 558 meals to children in need.