Mystery Boxes!
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Mystery Boxes!

5.0 (5)

Mystery Boxes!

5.0 (5)

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$49.00 $99.00

Prepdeck's mystery box is here! Each box includes a minimum of 4 items from a wide selection that range from Chef Caddy, to the Chop'r to aprons, knife blocks and much more! Imagine the possibilities! All Mystery Box sales are final and non-returnable.


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Which Prepdeck is right for you?


New release

For smaller kitchens & simpler prepping

Uses 30% less counter

Compact & efficient

Includes prep-tools

Fun colors

Can fit in the fridge

Gen 2


Everything you need to prep for 4 or more

24% larger cutting surface

Extra storage space

Additional container

Includes prep-tools

Premium pattern options

Sous Chef Package

Best Value

Expanded system for elevated recipe prep

All Gen 2 Benefits PLUS

$200+ added value

Additional containers

Extra cutting board

Duet Utensil, Souper Cubes, Cheat Sheets + more

What's included


Gen 2

Sous Chef

Tablet / Phone Stand

XL Containers (44 oz)




L Containers (22 oz)




M Containers (4 oz)




S Containers (2.7 oz)




Mini Containers (1.2 oz)




Storage / Trash Drawers




Prepping Tools w/ Storage

Magnetic Cutting Board

Premium Pattern Exterior

Cutting Surface

17" x 12"

21" x 12"

21" x 12"

BONUS: Duet Utensil

BONUS: 2nd Cutting Board

BONUS: Additional Containers

BONUS: Cheat Sheets

BONUS: Souper Cubes

Absolute Happiness Guarantee

If you don’t love your purchase, we offer easy, hassle-free returns within 30 days of purchase, no questions asked!

What could be inside?

Adored by 200,000+

happy home cooks


Prepdeck makes me more efficient and keeps my kitchen tidy. I'm a food blogger and a busy mom... this is so helpful!

Belqui M..

A brilliant Way to meal prep for an entire week!

Marissa C.

Look how organized I am! I'm never this organized in the kitchen!

Emily M..

Prepdeck makes meal prep a breeze. It’s so amazing.

Britney C.

A new way to handle mise en place... it just makes your life easier! Everything's prepped, in its place, ready to go.

Eric E..

I love having everything in one place while preparing my meals!

Julie H..

Prepdeck is perfect for my food styling shoots.

Alyssa M..

It’s perfect for my new diet where I need to measure and prepare food!! I love it!

Annmarie S..

I am IN LOVE with the prepdeck. I am a private chef and it is so convenient to prep things and store them neatly! love it!!

Camille B..

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Select either the small or big box (they both have a minimum of 4 amazing items inside), wait a few days for it to arrive and prepare for the surprise! Also, don't forget to share a picture with us to see how lucky you got!

  • No, that's part of the surprise! What can we tell you is that there is a minimum of 4 items inside!

  • This product is for final sale and therefore cannot be returned or exchanged, but don't worry! We made sure to add to each box the very best items!

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