Prepdeck Lite MAX
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Prepdeck Lite MAX

5.0 (10)

Prepdeck Lite MAX

5.0 (10)

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$159.00 $256.00

Prepdeck Lite MAX is the ultimate Prepdeck Lite system. Featuring not only the versatile and lightweight cooking companion, MAX includes a set of 8 clip-on prepping tools, an additional set of prepping & serving containers, a set of two fan-favorite Safe Slice® Cutting Boards

Prepdeck Lite organizes recipe prep, makes for a functional and stylish serving station, taco or pizza station, and can even serve as a cocktail bar!



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Which Prepdeck is right for you?


New release

For smaller kitchens & simpler prepping

Uses 30% less counter

Compact & efficient

Includes prep-tools

Fun colors

Can fit in the fridge

Gen 2


Everything you need to prep for 4 or more

24% larger cutting surface

Extra storage space

Additional container

Includes prep-tools

Premium pattern options

Sous Chef Package

Best Value

Expanded system for elevated recipe prep

All Gen 2 Benefits PLUS

$200+ added value

Additional containers

Extra cutting board

Duet Utensil, Souper Cubes, Cheat Sheets + more

What's included


Gen 2

Sous Chef

Tablet / Phone Stand

XL Containers (44 oz)




L Containers (22 oz)




M Containers (4 oz)




S Containers (2.7 oz)




Mini Containers (1.2 oz)




Storage / Trash Drawers




Prepping Tools w/ Storage

Magnetic Cutting Board

Premium Pattern Exterior

Cutting Surface

17" x 12"

21" x 12"

21" x 12"

BONUS: Duet Utensil

BONUS: 2nd Cutting Board

BONUS: Additional Containers

BONUS: Cheat Sheets

BONUS: Souper Cubes

Absolute Happiness Guarantee

If you don’t love your purchase, we offer easy, hassle-free returns within 30 days of purchase, no questions asked!

Why Prepdeck Lite is a Kitchen Essential: Four Key Reasons


Hand in Hand with Your Faves

Party friendly

Not Just More, But Better

Love them!

High-Performing Multifunction Containers

Less mess!

Simple Cleanup and Compact Storage

Adored by 200,000+

happy home cooks


Prepdeck makes me more efficient and keeps my kitchen tidy. I'm a food blogger and a busy mom... this is so helpful!

Belqui M..

A brilliant Way to meal prep for an entire week!

Marissa C.

Look how organized I am! I'm never this organized in the kitchen!

Emily M..

Prepdeck makes meal prep a breeze. It’s so amazing.

Britney C.

A new way to handle mise en place... it just makes your life easier! Everything's prepped, in its place, ready to go.

Eric E..

I love having everything in one place while preparing my meals!

Julie H..

Prepdeck is perfect for my food styling shoots.

Alyssa M..

It’s perfect for my new diet where I need to measure and prepare food!! I love it!

Annmarie S..

I am IN LOVE with the prepdeck. I am a private chef and it is so convenient to prep things and store them neatly! love it!!

Camille B..

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Prepdeck Lite includes:

    - The frame

    - A set of 4 prep containers (3x Large, 1x X-Large)

    Lite PLUS includes:

    - The frame

    - A set of 4 prep-containers (3x Large, 1x X-Large)

    - An additional set of 4 prep-containers (3x Large, 1x X-Large)

    - 8 clip-on Prepping tools

    Lite MAX includes:

    - The frame

    - A set of 4 prep-containers (3x Large, 1x X-Large)

    - An additional set of 4 prep-containers (3x Large, 1x X-Large)

    - 8 clip-on Prepping tools

    - A set of 4 Cheat Sheets

    - A set of 5 Duet Utensils

    - Influenced Kitchen Recipe Ebook

  • This bundle can’t be customized, but you can shop our range of accessories to add to your existing Prepdeck Lite Max at any time.

  • Definitely! With a comfortable size of 17.5” W x 5.75” D x 6.5” H, and it lightweightness, it can fit in a fridge or cabinets easily

  • Yes! It works with boards of any size, but nests around boards up to 17” wide and 2.5” tall

  • All containers and tools are dishwasher safe. We recommend washing the frame by hand.

  • Our mission is to Bring Back the Joy of Cooking, so it’s our hope that you are entirely satisfied with your purchase! If for any reason you are not satisfied, we accept returns for purchases made at within 30 days of receipt. Paid shipping, upgraded shipping or shipping insurance is non-refundable. Returns incur a shipping fee. Items marked as final sale, or those purchased at 25% off or greater are considered FINAL SALE and non returnable. For full details of our return policy, please click here

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