5 Reasons Moms Love Prepdeck

Prepdeck with ipad in a modern, light-filled kitchen

5 Reasons Moms Love Prepdeck

If you’re a mom, you know that life can get crazy. Whether you’re at work, cooking or driving the kids to school, you often find things getting pretty hectic and out of control. Thankfully, Prepdeck is here to save you time, stress, and money with our easy to use system. Cooking no longer has to be a chore but rather a hobby, and you will be eager to make some of your favorite recipes for your family. Check out the 5 reasons why moms love Prepdeck and have never looked back to their old cooking ways.


Our Prepdeck system is designed to save everyone time while cooking in the kitchen, especially our beloved moms. Having kids is a full-time job that piles on top of the many other responsibilities a mom may have, so we made sure that Prepdeck would eliminate any unnecessary time that would’ve otherwise be used. Our modular body and built-in trash bin allows mom to save time cleaning up and lets her keep the kitchen organized the way she likes it. Everything she needs is right there in front of her, so she no longer needs to waste precious time running around the kitchen looking all over the place for certain ingredients. Time is of the essence, especially in mom’s world!

No More Mess

Kitchen chaos may be a mom’s worst nightmare. Dishes everywhere, trash all over the counter, ingredients strewn in every corner, this would send anyone running the other direction. If mom introduces Prepdeck into her routine, she’ll never have to clean up another mess again. Prepdeck allows anyone to easily organize every ingredient in the recipe with the variety of container sizes and keeps any tool you may need within arm’s reach. Prepdeck keeps everything contained in one small space so mom no longer needs to stress out about the accumulation of a disaster.

Easy to Use

Using Prepdeck is as easy as one, two, three! It is carefully designed for anyone of any cooking level, so they can get the hang of using it in a matter of seconds. This benefits mom because she won’t have a lot of time to figure out a complex and difficult system. Each compartment within Prepdeck serves a simple function, such as the trash bin and utensil storage drawer. Every accessory she needs is in the same place, and the built-in cutting board allows her to spend more time cooking and less time prepping.


Not only is Prepdeck practical, but it sports a modern and sleek look that would please any mom out there. The cutting boards are interchangeable so she can switch styles every now and then, and the modular body allows her to customize to her aesthetic. She can choose from 9 beautiful colors and patterns, such as marble or pineapple theme. Not only can mom cook easily and efficiently, but now she can cook with style.

Increased Space

Many moms struggle with kitchen space, no matter how many times they try to organize it. Things just keep piling up and accumulating in drawers, cabinets, and the counter, which then makes it harder for her to cook with ease. With Prepdeck, this no longer becomes an issue. Moms can now have everything they need right in front of them and they can clear out any unnecessary tools they have lying around.

Prepdeck comes with 15 food containers of all shapes and sizes, so the kitchen can stay organized every time someone is in the kitchen. A variety of useful accessories like a grater, zester, juicer, garlic crusher, peeler, julienne peeler, green stripper, bottle opener can be found right inside Prepdeck so mom doesn’t have dig through the dark hole of the dreaded tool drawer.

No matter the reason, Prepdeck is any mom’s saving grace. Whether it’s saving time, space or money, Prepdeck delivers efficiency at a great cost that no mom can refuse. Introducing Prepdeck into mom’s routine will forever change her cooking game and make her life so much easier.