7 Time Saving Meal Prep Hacks for Back to School Season

7 Time Saving Meal Prep Hacks for Back to School Season

Even if back to school is looking a little different this year, we can all agree that it will still be as busy as ever. Between new curriculums and activities, healthy eating can quickly fall down the priorities list.

Preparing lunch for the kids can be a hassle, especially when you’re under time constraints. We've compiled 7 kitchen time savers to help you tackle back to school cooking. Time to finally start to enjoy your mornings again!

Prepare Leftovers

What better way to save time in the mornings than reaching in the fridge and pulling out something already made? Making leftovers the night before can be an absolute life-saver, especially for those mornings where you and the kids are running behind. Prepdeck makes storing leftovers easy because it comes with 15 food containers, ranging from mini to large sizes. Being prepared has never felt so good.

Simplify Meals

There are many delicious recipes out there that only require 6 ingredients or less and can save you bundles of time. Simplifying meals for your kids can make a huge difference in how your mornings go, and they will surely appreciate it. The Prepdeck system makes it easy to break down ingredients, so you can ensure a smooth and quick food prep process. There’s no need to get fancy with the lunches, sometimes keeping it simple is the way to go.

Keep Organized

Many times when we’re running late in the kitchen, it is because we are frantically bouncing around looking for things which causes us to stress out even more. It can be hard keeping track of tools and ingredients, especially when they are strewn all over the kitchen. However, it doesn’t have to be this way! Thankfully, introducing a compact system like Prepdeck into your lunch-making routine will change your life for the better. You can get a cutting board, accessories, and containers all in one space, so you can keep the kitchen organized and mess-free. You can’t go wrong when you start your day with a clean kitchen, right?

Prep Ingredients in Advance

If you’re planning on making lunch the morning of, be sure to prepare whatever ingredients you need the night before. Prepdeck makes this process super quick and easy, so when you’re rushing in the morning you can pull out everything you’ve already prepared. It’s important to think about what you’re going to make in advance, so your kids’ lunch doesn’t end up becoming an afterthought.

Clean as You Go

Cleaning up your mess as you work may sound like an easy task, but sometimes it can get complicated when you lose track of time. However, if you do it, you’ll be grateful that there’s no mess to clean up afterwards. To make the process easier, Prepdeck comes with a convenient trash bin that is entirely removable, so you can clean as you go. Gone are the days of excess food bits decorating your kitchen counter as you make lunch for the kids. Simply just pull out the bin and dump it into your trash can, and repeat as you go. Talk about saving some serious time!

Clear your Workspace

Clearing your workspace in the kitchen will allow you to have extra room while cooking in the morning. Get rid of unnecessary tools and accessories you don’t need, and clear the counter space so you can give yourself room to work. Having a clear space will allow you to have a clear mind, so you can focus on making your kids’ lunch and start the day off right.

Use Fresh Ingredients

Making your kids’ lunches healthy and fresh is extremely important, and it’s super easy to do when using Prepdeck! With everything you need at your fingertips, our compact system will allow you to make fresh lunches with accuracy and ease. If you plan on using fresh fruits and veggies, the magnetically attached cutting board is perfect for cutting and slicing so your kids can have a yummy afternoon snack.

These 7 easy back to school hacks will save you time and stress in the morning, and introducing Prepdeck in your routine will make it an even smoother process. Check out Prepdeck today!