8 Clever Ways to Declutter Your Kitchen

8 Clever Ways to Declutter Your Kitchen

A clutter-free and well-organized kitchen can sometimes feel like a pipe dream, but it doesn’t have to be. With a little strategic thinking, you can declutter your kitchen and set yourself up to have the space to cook even more delicious meals.

Your kitchen is a tool. It should work efficiently and be organized that way too. Think about the things you do and use most often, and strategize ways to organize around those things. Maybe it means creating stations, where you group like items together, and storing all those things you rarely use somewhere more out of the way. Leave the prime real estate for the items you use most often. Even better, get rid of the things you don’t use and free up valuable space that way.

Donate Unnecessary Dishes

You don’t need four sets of china, do you? Or endless plastic cups and plates. Figure out exactly what you need and donate the rest. You can also keep one set of fine china for special occasions, but it doesn’t mean it must clutter up your kitchen. You can create shelving in your dining area to display them or use a pretty china cabinet to store them until you’re ready to use them. Leave your kitchen out of it!

Adjust Your Shelves

Sometimes cabinets will have adjustable shelving. Use that feature and make sure your shelves are only slightly taller than their contents. If you can adjust them and add another shelf, do that as well, and then you’ll have even more space to store your necessary items. If you don’t have a shelf to add, trying asking your local hardware store to cut one for you.

Use Clear Containers

Store staples and other food items in clear, uniformly-shaped containers. Not only does it make it much easier to see when you’re running low on something but it also makes it easier to organize and saves you a ton of space. Just make sure you include the label from the packaging inside the lid, so you know proper measurements and any pertinent cooking instructions.

Embrace Your Inner Labeler

Labels just make life easier. You can get fancy with it and use pretty, matching labels to make it look nice. Another place where labels are your friend is inside your freezer. You should label everything as a rule, and store the items so that your labels are easily seen and read when you’re looking for something in particular. Make sure to include the date with your labels so you know when it’s time to give something the boot. You could even go the extra mile and use little-labeled crates in your freezer to store similar items.

Learn to Love Hooks

Hooks are extremely handy in just about any kitchen. You can install hooks on the backsplash behind your stove and hang your most used pans and skillets within easy reach and you can place hooks on the inside of your cabinet doors to hang things like measuring cups, spatulas, and spoons. You can also use a pretty hook to hang your dish towels or try using hooks from your ceiling for hanging pots and pans.

Repurpose Things to Help You Organize

For instance, you can use tension curtain rods inside a cabinet to create space to store cookie sheets, serving trays, and cutting boards in an upright, easily accessible position. Or do the same thing by repurposing magazine holders and storing things like cutting boards or even your stash of plastic water bottles that like to roll all over the bottom of your cabinet.

Invest in the right Kitchen Gadgets

More fancy gadgets doesn't = better. Consider which tools you'll actually use, and how often you'll realistically use them. Prepdeck is one of the most efficient ways to stay organized and declutter your kitchen. From reducing the number of tools you need to housing everything in one efficient space - Prepdeck makes it easy to prepare meals even faster and have more fun cooking than you ever have before.

Use Baby Food Jars and Magnets for Spices

This idea is pretty creative. Instead of having a spice cabinet or using some type of caddy, store your spices in neatly labeled baby food jars and install magnets on the lids so that you can arrange them on your refrigerator door. All your spices will be ready and easy to grab while cooking.

There you have it. 8 ways to declutter your kitchen without sacrificing style or efficiently. At Prepdeck, we’re passionate about helping people find better ways to organize their kitchen and prepare their favorite meals. A unique solution to kitchen clutter, Prepdeck has over 45 features designed to make cooking more enjoyable than ever.