Crisp weather, apple picking, warm soups and lots of plaid. Fall is officially here. Between spiced baked goods and rich, hearty dinners,  it's one of our favorite flavor profiles. We've rounded up a few of our all-time favorite fall recipes, including a few from Prepdeck Ambassadors, to try this season. Chances are there are a few here that will become household favorites for years to come! Break out your aprons and pumpkin pie spice and get ready for some slow food recipes to warm your soul. And to create the very best mise en place cooking experience for more enjoyment and less stress in the kitchen, check out . 

Sweet apple cider paired with a savory meat dish? What's not to love? Pork and apples is a classic pairing that New York Times brings to life with perfection with this main course dish. This dish is easy to bring to life, but the flavor combination makes it seem fancy – be sure to pull it out for your next dinner party!  

We love this recipe from Prepdeck Ambassador . It's a new twist on classic banana bread, with the addition of fall apples! After your annual apple picking outing this year, leave the traditional apple crisp or pie behind and give this recipe a try.   

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The kids will love this new twist on an old favorite, again, making good use of fall apples. This New York Times Cooking recipe is simple but delicious. We suggest adding a little brie to your list of grilling cheeses to really bring out the tart apple flavors. Ok... maybe this is more of a grown up grilled cheese than one for the kids!

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Sure, Fall is all about hearty meals and sweet spiced deserts, but you've gotta eat healthy every once in a while, right? This superfood salad is as delicious as it is filling with ingredients like quinoa and fresh fall veggies. This one comes to us from Prepdeck Ambassador Food House Nation. Be sure to follow Chef Eric on Youtube for great recipes and chef-proven tips!

Pumpkin pasta is big this year, and we love the addition of kale, our favorite fall leafy green. This one also comes from the test kitchens of New York Times Cooking, so you know it's good!

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There you have it – a few new to you fall favorite recipes to add to your rotation. From baked goods to salads to indulgent pastas and kid-friendly dishes there's something here for everyone. We know fall cooking is a seasonal staple; make sure you enjoy the process.  uses 45+ tools and features to streamline your process and make cooking more enjoyable from the first vegetable chopped to final cleanup. Happy cooking, from our kitchen to yours!