Whether you're learning to cook or you’re a master chef, a fun way to spend an evening is by learning new recipes with meal kits like  Hello Fresh,  Blue Apron, and many others. Meal kits encourage mise en place cooking and deliver fresh, pre-portioned ingredients with recipes for a variety of creative dishes! One of our Prepdeck brand ambassadors, Kitty, loves experimenting with her Prepdeck and meal kit services and snapped the picture above, and we’re loving the organization!

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Prepdeck, with its 45+ features and 15 containers in four sizes, gives you the space to prep, organize, and truly enjoy cooking. Meal kits are designed to help you learn to cook using mise en place techniques; prepdeck provides the space and tools to make the meal kit cooking experience even more enjoyable and streamlined. When you unbox your meal kit, simply open your pre-prepped ingredients and set them up with Prepdeck to follow your meal kit recipes with ease. Use our device stand (included with Prepdeck+) to keep your step-by-step recipe cards at your fingertips as you cook. From unboxing your meal kit to sitting down to eat with friends and family, Prepdeck gives you the tools to make delicious meals, no matter if you’re a novice cook or a professional chef. 

Prepdeck and meal kits are a match made in heaven, they ease the stress and chaos of dinner time and are a fun activity to bring everyone together!  Get your Prepdeck today and get cooking!