Mise en place is a French phrase that means “everything in its place.” It’s a method followed in professional kitchens world-wide to bring joy and ease through an organized process. When you're scrambling in the kitchen and your sauce is burning on the stovetop while you’re chopping an onion and trying to measure your spices, cooking is stressful. Cooking with mise en place techniques helps you stay one step ahead of your recipe to dial those stress-levels down. 

Mise en place makes cooking more organized, efficient, and enjoyable. To cook using mise en place best-practices, start by preparing your ingredients and instruments ahead of time. By chopping, measuring, separating, and preparing your tools before you begin to cook,  you can experience cooking as it should be — as a relaxing and creative outlet. Simply put, mise en place cooking brings kitchen stress levels down so you can enjoy the process of cooking.

Our mission here at Prepdeck is to bring back the joy of cooking. Prepdeck is an organizational station that facilitates mise en place cooking in each of its 45+ tools and features. Prepdeck brings joy and ease to cooking, from chopping the first vegetable to enjoying the first bite of a delicious meal.

We challenge you to try mise en place in your own kitchen and experience cooking as it should be. Every chef needs the best tools possible and it's our job to provide them to you.   Now to discover all 45+ Prepdeck tools and features that bring mise en place techniques to your home kitchen.