XL Container Set


Featuring an impressive 51oz (1.5L) capacity and water-tight lid, the XL Container adds even more versatility to your Prepdeck experience. Perfect for larger items such as lettuce, meats, potatoes, etc., the XL container also includes a divider that can be positioned to split ingredients inside one smartly designed container! 

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Expand Your Prepping Options

The XL Container takes your Prepdeck experience to an entirely new level. With over 51oz (1.5L) of capacity, the XL Container can be positioned anywhere inside your Prepdeck or used as the ultimate leftover container.

Store And Stack

Thanks to their ultra streamlined designed and stackable lid system, you'll not only save time, space, and stress when prepping meals, but keep your fridge tidy and organized when storing leftovers or pre-prepared meals.

Divide And Conquer

Mix and match, sliced or dices. Whatever you need, the handy divider lets you split the XL Container into two flexible sections so you can adapt to your recipe or storage needs at any time.

Quality And Details

Our containers are made from high-quality Tritan, a resilient and durable material with clear glass-like properties! Tritan is a BPA-free, antibacterial material that lasts longer and performs better than cheaper alternatives.

Among other benefits, our containers are dishwasher safe, freezer safe, microwaveable, odor resistant, and won't scratch, stain, or fade easily over time!

XL Container features 51oz / 1.5L of capacity.

Overall Rating
5 /5
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