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What does it mean that Dash is now the licensed manufacturer for Prepdeck?

Beginning December 12th, 2023, Dash became the licensed manufacturer of Prepdeck in the US. This means that only after that date is Dash able to create and sell products under the Prepdeck by Dash brand.

Dash has not purchased in whole or in part any ownership of the Prepdeck organization but has only entered into a licensing agreement with Prepdeck LLC. to manufacture and distribute certain Prepdeck items.

For issues with any Prepdeck orders made before December 12th, 2023, please contact hello@prepdeck.com. 

For Prepdeck orders placed after December 12th, 2023, Dash’s US-based Customer Service team will be happy to assist with any issues you may encounter including returns and warranty claims. 

Updated on 11 Dec 2023