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What is included with Prepdeck Gen 2?

  • 1x Prepdeck home base with container compartments, two accessory drawers for storage or scraps and 8 essential prepping tools
  • 1x Magnetically detachable cutting board
  • 1x XL ingredient container
  • 3x Large ingredient containers
  • 2x Medium ingredient containers
  • 2x Small ingredient containers
  • 6x Mini measuring containers
  • Lids for large & XL containers
  • 2x Removable compartments for cutoffs or storage
  • 1x Grater
  • 1x Slicer
  • 1x Zester
  • 1x Garlic Crusher / Finger Guard
  • 1x Juicer
  • 1x 4-in-1 Peeler, Julienne Peeler, Green Striper, Bottle Opener

Updated on 24 Oct 2023